Veterans Day Founding History and Character Traits Education

Veterans Day Banner Life LeadersGraphic of the lead banner (12′ x 3′) at the parade hosted in Birmingham donated by Patriotism in Action thanks to a grant from the Mike and Gillian Goodrich Foundation to Life Leaders. Grandchildren of Founder Raymond Weeks  often carry the banner.


To provide resources for teachers, journalists, historians, and speakers to educate leaders and students on who, where, and why National Veterans Day started.


We improve from 1% of US citizens knowing the “who, where, why” for starting Veterans Day to 100% of Americans who attend school learning this national history.


  • Add the missing content to lesson plans so teachers will know and be able to teach this history and character education that affects character traits development.
  • Help veteran organizations to inform members of this information.
  • Help event planners know of historic reasons for selecting Veterans Day sites.

Weeks and Eisenhower, Nov 11, 1946.png(1)

The draft program presented by Weeks to Eisenhower read “National Veterans Day 1947”

Popular Resources we provide for your use:

Eisenhower Telegram heading

Telegram of General Eisenhower (click for full image)

PIA Cover Feb 7 2013 low resBirmingham and Alabama hosted the first national Veterans Day observance in 1947 and has been a model for the nation. We share highlights about traditional and special events to tell more of the story and offer ideas to Veterans Day organizers throughout America

[Excerpt from Patriotism in Action]. This seems to be the primary book telling how Veterans Day started including where and who was leading. Read and purchase copies here.

Excerpts from Patriotism in Action Book, Handouts, and Presentations (PDFs)

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Photos with Eisenhower 1946, Reagan 1982, a synopsis of the national history, plus listing 10 character traits–for use in classrooms, city halls, and tourism centers. View full-sized poster (PDF)

Posters are displayed in many schools, city halls, and veterans chapters by patriots reminding members and guests Veterans Day started here, significance to students, and why we lead.

5 character traits supported by this history adopted by Alabama and some other states:

  1. Patriotism
  2. Courage 
  3. Perseverance
  4. Loyalty
  5. Citizenship

5 more character traits we recommend:

  1. Freedom
  2. Peace
  3. Honor
  4. Trust 
  5. Leadership

 A case of misinformation and hurt feelings that can happen when we do not teach and brand this national history… with a happy ending

These photos were taken at a Hoover school event for fourth graders that happened after the teacher of the girls sent home a lesson plan she found on the Internet that Veterans Day started in Kansas in 1953. The 10-year-old twins and great-grandchildren of the Founder Raymond Weeks were confused and embarrassed because they had been taught and told others of their great-grandfather starting Veterans Day in Birmingham in 1947. Grandmother (Barbara Weeks Minor) was understandably upset that this teaching could occur at an Alabama school and called me for help. Continue Reading…

Left: This display can be seen in the Veterans Shrine at The American Village. We gladly provided photos and documents and appreciate this addition to the fabric of education. Right: The U.S. Senate approved the official role of Alabama and Raymond Weeks for starting America’s Veterans Day through a Resolution (PDF) signed in 2012.

 NVA Banquet Program Page 2015.jpg.opt389x503o0,0s389x503

Handout for Veterans Day Founding (Click to enlarge or print PDF)

 World Peace Luncheon Program Eisenhower Telegram Peace 2015.jpg.opt389x503o0,0s389x503.jpg

Handout or Ad World Peace Luncheon 2015 (Click to enlarge or print PDF)

Content in Presentations available for educational programs and events

  • The launch of America’s Veterans Day led by Weeks & Alabama 1945-54:
  • President Eisenhower’s leadership 1946-54
  • President Reagan honoring Weeks as the “driving force” 1982 (White House video)
  • 10 Character Traits to Teach for Veterans Day, Rights, and Freedom
  • The campaign to restore Alabama’s legacy as  for Veterans Day with US Resolution
  • Resources teachers in the USA can use to teach Veterans Day History and Character
  • Case for teaching why and where Veterans Day started to students in U.S. school

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