Sample of Results Led by Life Leaders

Best-Self Leadership + Plan for School and Life

  1. Provided 250+ public events on planning, leadership, patriotism…including 3 national programs (Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Hyrum Smith and Denis Waitley).
  2. Organized the first lecture in Alabama of Dr. Stephen Covey, author of the best-selling book on personal leadership, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, 1993.
  3. Developed models, articles, and teach best practices for Personal Leadership, Professionalism, and Best-Self Leadership.
  4. Developed teaching models on the 7 Areas of Life, Empowerment, Motivating Values, Leadership, Callings & Choices, plus assessments of TIME, Attitude & Ability, Financial Fitness….
  5. Launched the Plan for School & Life initiative to promote people planning and improving plus help educators help students write and internalize plans needed for college, career, citizenship.
  6. Provide Veterans Making Comebacks (homeless and/or challenged by PTSD or moral injury) planbooks & workshops to assess & develop plans to Master Goliaths; support Veterans Leadership Ministry and service organizations.
  7. Longest-running organization in Alabama advancing Best-Self Leadership and Planning for Life.

After “911” attacks on America in 2001–added Patriotism in Action, National Veterans Day Founding History and Character Education, Freedom Lives/Freedom to Flourish/Freedom City, Brand Birmingham, Advance Alabama:

  1. Wrote and published Patriotism in Action, a patriotic guide featuring the history of starting National Veterans Day and 10 character traits.
  2. Wrote and published Professionalism Under Stress to organize lessons from college, corporate, and combat for use in military and civilian life for serious professionals, emerging leaders, and mentors—plus loved ones to understand what is expected in the profession of arms.
  3. Organize annually Tribute to the Founder (“Driving Force”) of Veterans Day, Nov. 10, Birmingham (first event added to National Veterans Day traditions since 1947), 2006
  4. Led the campaign of education and legislation that restored Alabama’s legacy for starting Veterans Day in 1947 by gaining U.S. Senate Resolution correcting a resolution in 2003, approved November 2012.
  5. Initiator and supported of Advance Alabama campaign for unique contributions as the only state to have led on both national movements for Veterans Day and Civil Rights (Freedom of Liberty and Rights) as well as Birmingham’s opportunity to brand for “Freedom City” before the World Games 2021.

Organizational Development History Summary

  • Institute launched 1988 after Dr. David Dyson completed doctoral studies in educational leadership at Vanderbilt University (research, publication, service) to advance Best-Self Leadership and Plans for Life in places of home, school, work, and worship
  • Launched learning and improvement interest group with Johnny Johnson, Birmingham-Southern College VP Business, 1991
  • Launched Personal Leadership Association and expanded to monthly seminars and volunteerism for public in 1992
  • Incorporated 1992 with board of trustees
  • Launched Patriotism in Action, Veterans Day Education, and Freedom Lives after “Sept 911” attacks on America 2001
  • 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization serving America based in Alabama since 2012.

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