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Vision Highlights

  1. Students, professionals, and other citizens learn Best-Self Leadership (best practicing for developing and serving), write at least a basic Plan for School, Profession, and Life, and know how to Master Goliaths holding us back.
  2. Students also learn in school the history of National Veterans Day Founding History and Character Education, including who, where, why….The 7 Callings tell more….


7 Areas of Calling

I. Preparation for School, Profession, Life, Citizenship, Leadership

1. Best-Self Leadership: so students and professionals learn common denominators of doing our best regardless of academic, professional, or other life choice with a written strategy for doing our best we can use and teach, better prepared to serve.

2. Plan for School and the 7 Areas of Life: so youth write a plan in school and supporting organizations to inspire and guide them with improved attitude, attendance, and achievement, help parents and counselors know intent better so they can advise better, plus help students communicate, attract, and match with college and career opportunities.

3. Master Your Goliaths: so people know better how to set resolutions to help them develop and achieve, assess and change, and overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges to benefit them and society while learning a process they can use more.

II. Patriotism, Character Traits, Freedom of Liberty-Rights-Flourish

4. Patriotism in Action: so more people take action as well as feel patriotic spirit as we provide events promoting personal leadership, true professionalism, and appreciation for veterans and families who serve and sacrifice for freedoms.

5. Veterans Day History and Character Education: so students learn the national history of America’s Veterans Day starting in Alabama connected to character traits: patriotism, courage, perseverance, citizenship, loyalty, honor, freedom, peace, trust, leadership.

6. Freedom to Flourish: so more students know they are free to flourish because of liberty and rights and learn how using best-self leadership with a plan for life to take action to develop capacity for fulfilling their callings.

III. Nature nurtures people to plan, grow, renew with animals

7. Farm and Ranch: so more people seeking to improve or make comebacks can renew and plan better with animals, plants, and nature with coaching to think and places to write.

Results and Strategy

3 Priority Goals to help People, Alabama, U.S., and the World

1: Teach students and other youth basic best-self leadership principles and practices and guide them to write plans for school, profession, and other areas of life to boost attitude, attendance, and achievement, plus prepare them better for common denominators for doing their best regardless of academic, professional, or other life choice.

This is something I wanted in school decades ago and now want to help this happen for our generation and future. Most alumni, who have used their education in personal, professional, and other areas of life, now wish they got preparation in planning and personal leadership because we use it most days.

Virtually every parent I have asked wishes their children or grandchildren were helped with plans and purpose. In parts of my work as executive and life coach plus training professionals of all ages and levels, I see a need for us preparing people in school and college with knowledge and skills they need in school and beyond. Working with Veterans Making Comebacks from homelessness and addictions, it’s easy to see these former students could have been equipped better for making better choices. If we help people in despair–homeless, prison, etc.–to identify a purpose that inspires them, more will restore their lives. Better still, young people who prepare for inspiring purposes are more likely to live better without gaining the experiences and habits associated with crime and other bad choices.

Best-Self Leadership is the second most important topic in the world–equipping people with knowledge and skills like planning, motivation, time management, leadership, and more they use in most every role–to help succeed in their most important topics, typically their callings and relationships.

The USA is already moving toward adding this preparation in pockets around the country—a few people, schools, and organizations. Education, institutions, and programs are moving slowly, evolving. If we commit to take action on this better path, add better requirements and resources, we can go to the next level in this generation.  –David

Planning for Life is a known best practice recommended by best-selling books and leadership experts on personal and professional development. Scripture calls us in multiple passages to plan use or talents. Most people say they “know” goals are good though fewer than 5% have taken action and written a plan for school and/or life to use. This best practice can be implemented to improve inspiration, decision-making, performance, and sustainability among students, professionals, and families.

The paradigm has shifted for what it takes to earn A+ preparing students and professionals. Similar to a teacher providing a syllabus stating what gets rewarded, we can improve what we reward for graduation, for promotion, and for more incentives. It is up to leaders to require and reward learning and doing what we need, what we say is important. Leadership “by walking around” to see, encourage, and guide works better when people know what gets reward when the leader is not around.

Vision Highlights

  • Students write Plans for School & Life to inspire and guide them toward Character-College-Career-Citizenship to fulfill a requirement for Best-Self Leadership and to fulfill a request of alumni, parents, and employers. Schools should require and reward, and youth programs can support with encouraging thinking and acting on opportunities and challenges along with fun and interesting experiences.
  • We can help teachers and parents answer the question from young people, “you keep encouraging me to do my best–how do I do that?”
  • Students earn credit in writing and other courses, and improve this assignment through grade levels so by graduation clarity and value are high.
  • They share with counselors, parents, and in applications to career and/or college, having the option to keep some private until ready to share.
  • Attitude, attendance, and achievement should increase because of more motivation and sense of purpose “on the inside” instead of relying so much on teachers.
  • Satisfaction from teachers, alumni, parents, and employers improves.
  • Colleges continue advancement of plans and development helping with professional plans and teaching more on professionalism and best-self leadership.
  • Professional organizations boost performance in hiring, training, and developing people with better processes, including professionals state intent better with plans and leaders mentor better. Watch more people get prepared for promotion faster.
  • Marriages and families are more likely to succeed because of preparation with Mission and Vision for Marriage statements and alignment guided by pastors, counselors, and expanded societal expectations that couples do this exploration together to build on strengths and resolve more compromises in the beginning.

2: Teach all students America’s National Veterans Day started in Alabama in 1947. Teach how this celebration of Freedom of Liberty, appreciation of veterans, and commitment to world peace connects to the Civil Rights Movement, also led predominantly in Alabama, and provided Freedom of Rights. Now, we can teach this and why students have Freedom to Flourish. We can teach them how to use this freedom to Plan and Lead their lives better.

Veterans Day. Freedom of Liberty. This is national history for establishment of a federal holiday adopted to honor veterans who sacrificed for our freedoms and to keep our nation working for world peace. The movement started in Alabama with the first National Veterans Day in 1947 and led to the national holiday signed into law in 1954.

Unfortunately, only an estimated 1% in the USA know this national history, less than half even in Alabama. Many schools celebrate Veterans Day. Some know and teach “why” the holiday started though most teach without sharing “who and where.”  It’s not their fault: Alabama and the nation have not yet taught most students so most teachers today do not know this part of the history. Schools usually do a good job featuring veterans who served who tell of experiences, though we also need to teach and honor the missing elements in the desired lesson plans. This is a must for Alabama and can be shared with teachers nationwide for their use.

Civil and Human Rights.  Freedom of Rights. As many as 10 cities often claim to be part of the “cradle” of the Civil Rights Movement. Alabama has 4 of those 10 cities (Birmingham, Montgomery,  Selma, Tuscaloosa…) known for historic events, some for action today. The Civil Rights Movement was able to take place because WWII veterans and others protected liberty and freedom so the nation could focus on adding higher level needs.

Alabama led on both national movements for Veterans Day and Civil Rights. Both are linked by the shared value of “Freedom.”

The state could benefit from improved branding, tourism, and commerce associated with events and economic development by adding lesson plans in schools, strategic plans by government, and coordinated efforts in education, tourism, and development.

Vision Highlights

  • School students can learn national history of where and why Veterans Day started in Alabama connected to the Civil Rights Movement, the shared value of Freedom, at least 5 of the 25 character traits taught in Alabama and other states (Patriotism, Courage, Perseverance, Citizenship, Loyalty…), and the Hierarchy of 7 Motivating Values (influenced by Maslow’s Hierarchy, which you likely learned).
  • Patriotism in Action (book), which offers compressed lessons and reading on Veterans Day and 10 character traits, plus more, is published by Life Leaders–and we get copies to more educators and provide online.
  • The Veterans Day Founded in Alabama poster we publish is available online to see, plus we can provide more to display in schools, city halls, and tourism venues.
  • The U.S. Senate Resolution we proposed and supported with research, documentation, and proposals, and was led through Congress by senators and staff of Sessions and Shelby, returned official recognition to Alabama and Raymond Weeks as the “driving force” (quote by President Reagan) for America’s Veterans Day. However, still, too few know this useful history. We must continue until education helps all citizens know in at least one grade with brief annual additions.
  • Alabama can earn branding for national movements for Veterans Day-Human Rights-Plan for School & Life through not only teaching and marketing history but also serving through developing and providing educational and media resources and hosting events before the World Games here in 2021.

3: Provide resources and support to the busy educators and leaders in education, tourism, commerce, government and more to implement new initiatives to prepare citizens as well as support policy makers and teachers.

Most educators, civic leaders, and others in charge of educating and preparing citizens and boosting community development and commerce want to do a good job and will do better if equipped with plans, knowledge, and resources. Life Leaders can be a servant leader and “driving force” to advise and support others until we have sustainable policies, teaching, and systems to advance and maintain for the state and nation.

Vision Highlights

  • Life Leaders Institute seeks to serve education, government, nonprofits, and others who care about development of citizens and positive branding.
  • We seek to provide research, development, publication, posting of resources, and service to consult, teach, speak, and help the state and nation do our best to help our citizens do their best.
  • Alabama can become a national resource for teachers, especially for the synergistic lessons and actions for Veterans Day, Civil Rights, Patriotism in Action, Freedom to Flourish, Character and Citizenship development, Planning for School and Life, and Best-Self Leadership.
  • Life Leaders can partner with and/or support schools, colleges, government leaders, and institutions who work to advance good citizenship to implement this expanded vision, at least, until key organizations and people implement this work regularly.

To inquire about more in the vision or offer your insights: or 205.422.6484

Strategy our Actions Aim to Support

  • Advise Leaders to boost awareness and action: inform leaders in schools, colleges, government, foundations, education, and youth development organizations of opportunities and gaps, encourage action, and support those who care with advice, resources, and service.
  • Research and Development of Publications and Presentations to provide at events and online as resources available primarily to educational leaders and teachers, human services organizations, mentors, and motivated citizens.
  • Organizing and presenting events plus supporting partner organizations.
  • Expand online resources for resources to use and teach plus public information.

21 Priority Actions

Services – Seminars and Events – Publications and Resources

  1. Serve innovative schools, youth development programs, and other education leader; plus college and professional development leaders to help people write Plans for School and Life so they are better prepared and employers more satisfied. Provide our best resources–especially those others do not offer–including lessons for Plan for School & LifeBest-Self LeadershipVeterans Day Founding History and Character Traits, Assessing Attitude and Ability, Earn and Delegate Empowerment, and more…. Connect to national movements for Veterans DayCivil Rights, and Plan for School and Life unique to Alabama and our work. Act now so Alabama can lead.
  2. Public seminars and meetings for members, partners, advocates, and others interested providing updated publications for their use, plus receive suggestions to improve our work and impact.
  3. Develop and publish Financial Fitness Planbook for the Alabama Money Expo seminars by Melvin C. Smith May 20 and post online for free access to the public.
  4. Personal Leadership for Patriots at the Southern Museum of Flight, Nov 2.
  5. Tribute to the Founder of Veterans Day (“Driving Force” per Pres. Reagan) to open National Veterans Day ceremonies hosted in Birmingham Nov 10 at the Weeks Memorial Monument, Linn Park, led by Col. Barefield, emcee Dr. Dyson. Support Riderless horse at Veterans Day Founder Tribute and Parade Nov 10-11.
  6. Support Alabama National Cemetery Committee events–Memorial Day and Wreaths Across America–led by Col. Barefield, chair, Patriotism in Action, and The American Village.
  7. Develop and provide free online resources for teachers, students, veterans, and true professionals on Best-Self Leadership, Plan for School & Life, and national movements led in Alabama (Veterans Day/Liberty, Civil Rights/Human Rights, Freedom to Flourish–why and how).
  8. Publish blogs and mailings by and additional authors on the Life Leaders Blog to support subscribers, teachers, and the public.
  9. Expand, publish, post, and teach 7 Steps to Set Achievable Resolutions.
  10. Expand series, publish, teach Master Your Goliaths Planbook with versions for students facing challenges, veterans making comebacks, prisoners earning re-entry.
  11. Provide Plan for Life Page/s handout to use and support for camps and ongoing activities to help foster children at Raleigh’s Place, plus donate resources.
  12. Improve and publish Master Your Goliath Planbook for Veterans Making Comebacks for service groups that develop people beyond helping with basic needs.
  13. Publish Professionalism Under Stress book and articles by Col. Dunn and Dr. Dyson.
  14. Publish updated Freedom to Flourish Planbook with why and how for teachers to use with students.
  15. Update and publish Patriotism in Action book for National Veterans Day honoree, visitors, our events, and those teaching patriotism, freedom, citizenship….
  16. Publish and post to new web pages Veterans Day Founded in Alabama posters, handouts, slides for teachers to use and Veterans Day to use in their events and education outreach.
  17. Publish Facebook, news feeds, and other media supporting publications/programs.
  18. Expand and publish planbooks for Goals and Plans for the 7 Areas of Life, 7 Steps to Set Achievable Resolutions, and Master Your Goliaths….
  19. Continue legacy by Col. Dunn, trustee, co-author, faculty, deceased 2017: web page helping people read books, blogs, and commemoration, support Veterans Leadership Ministry with Master Your Goliaths resources, care for Dunn Dogwood…
  20. Speak on “Lou in the Morning Radio” and other media programs.
  21. Improve and expand to produce and provide videos as online resources and expand to reach more people.

Advice and requests can be sent to

More Plans and Info on 7 Areas of Calling

  1. Best-Self Leadership
  2. Plan for School & 7 Areas of Life
  3. Master Your Goliaths
  4. Patriotism in Action
  5. Veterans Day History & Character Education
  6. Freedom Lives/Freedom to Flourish
  7. Farm & Ranch for Animals and People 

Plans, programs, and web pages for these 7 callings continue to improve. Introductions to people looking for us and suggestions welcome:

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