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Jeopardy TV: Father of Veterans Day


Founder of National Veterans Day Street Sign Dedicated

You can see the new street sign dedicated to the Founder of National Veterans Day in front of Birmingham’s City Hall and across from the Monument to Raymond Weeks in Linn Park. National Veterans Day proposed this sign initiated by Mark Ryan. The City Council led the way. Mayor William Bell approved. Councilwoman Kim Rafferty presented the resolution to the family during the Tribute to the Founder of Veterans Day led by Patriotism in Action of Life Leaders (Col. Bob Barefield, Chair, and Dr. David Dyson, moderator). Raymond Weeks of Birmingham launched the national movement to establish Veterans Day (to honor veterans of all wars) with General Eisenhower in 1946 and organized the first event in 1947.

Weeks Street Sign photo

Tribute to the Founder of Veterans Day

Patriotism in Action Tribute to the Founder of National Veterans Day Raymond Weeks takes place annually on November 10, 430-5 p.m., in Birmingham’s Linn Park.

Patriotism in Action means more than feeling Old Glory in our heart, more than attending events and parades–it means taking action to develop ourselves and serve.

Patriotism in Action applies to military and civilian life. It applies to all citizens.

For more information on the free public event: see Attend for more on the event featuring Mayor Bell as speaker.

Birmingham City Hall: Mayor Bell took 100 Life Leaders posters to tell the story of National Veterans Day in city buildings.


National Veterans Day was founded in Alabama 1947.

Yesterday, I saw these posters next to elevators and in protected sign cases. The photos are of Eisenhower and National Veterans Day founder Raymond Weeks, plus our own Patriotism in Action book showing Reagan and Weeks.

Alabama character traits are associated with this history, plus freedom….

Go Mayor Bell and team!