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Draft the Constitution of You on Constitution Day

U.S. Constitution and Citizenship Day
September 17

The founding fathers believed in writing The Constitution of the United States to inspire and guide the country.

They took action to draft this forward-thinking document.

The same principles call on us to write constitutions to lead our lives, families, and organizations.

The Constitution of You: Draft Your Constitution
Thursday, September 17
5:30-6:30 pm Refreshment & Workshop to draft Your Constitution

optional supper follows for those interesting in more information or discussion

Birmingham Area / 201 Office Park, 3rd Floor, 1st Financial Group Conference Room, Hosted by Melvin Carrington Smith, 205.276.2333, & David Dyson, 205.422.6484

No charge to you or your guest.

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Constitution Day and Your Constitution

This is the first workshop Life Leaders has offered on Constitution Day. We are beginning by inviting members and a few friends who want to take advanced steps on their plans for life. We will offer you water and coffee, a sip of wine donated if you wish, provide a few minutes on concepts and tools, then allow most of the time for writing your constitution, plus coaching if you want it. The template provided will offer modern-day language to prompt your thinking about mission, vision, values, beliefs, and strategies, which are also embedded in the Constitution. Use our template or adapt your own.

Students will understand the Constitution better if they write one for themselves. Families can live better together if they identify shared vision and values. Individuals live better if they internalize their Constitution just as the U.S. Constitution guides laws, plans, and budgets.

You probably will receive bonus ideas for your desired legacy, lifestyle, and goals to fulfill those. The “Big 3” parts of a plan that can add to goals: Constitution, Legacy Vision, Lifestyle Vision. College students who have written these with us have improved college and career decisions plus motivation due to having more purpose. Mission for Marriage statements have helped couples, engaged and married.

Empowerment Week connects to Constitution Day

We presented a seminar last week on “Earning Empowerment” to support you and Empowerment Week in Birmingham, which focuses on commemorative and service events. If you also want to receive lessons and tools as well as take action on how to earn empowerment, you can visit and/or join Life Leaders. You can learn “Levels of Earning and Delegating Empowerment” and how to prepare better in professional and other areas of life. Writing your Constitution with a draft mission, vision, values, and strategies provides inspiration and guidance toward your goals. For those who want more empowerment, this is a valuable step.

Constitution Day

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is a combined event that is annually observed in the United States on September 17. This event commemorates the formation and signing of the Constitution of the United States on September 17, 1787. It also recognizes all who, by coming of age or by naturalization, have become US citizens.

Life Leaders America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Alabama that presents events monthly plus provides public service programs supported by volunteers, staff, and budgets funded by membership donations, grants, and sponsorships.


Life Leaders at Lunch March 26 Birmingham Area

Life Leaders at Lunch

Earning and Delegating Empowerment

Thursday, March 26, 2015, 11:45-1 / 201 Office Park Circle
Public Service Seminar / $10 includes lunch

Faculty: Dr. David Dyson, author of the Empowerment Model
Chair: DeWayne Taylor, Alabama Power Company
Host: Melvin Carrington Smith, Sr., First Financial Group

  • Example: a young professional earned preparation/promotion 3 years faster
  • Handout: you can use the model and description to coach team members on how higher levels of preparation for Attitude & Ability earn trust and delegation better and faster

Dyson Leadership Diamond Gold.

We can send an invitation with complete information.

Life Leaders Meeting March 5 for Members, Partners, Guests

Life Leaders Monthly Evening Meeting

For members, partners, and guests interested in our seminars and/or public service programs.

What we plan to do:

5:45-6: Arrive for fellowship, water, coffee (team arrives at 5)
6-6:30: Introductions and Member Sample Plan
Welcome and mission for the meeting: Melvin Carrington Smith, Sr., VP and Trustee
Prayer: Bishop Dr. Bernard Omukubah
Pledge of Allegiance: Chief Oscar Waldheim (US Navy)
Plan Sample: Col. Stretch Dunn (USA Ret)
  • Summarize February Life Leaders at Lunch: A catalyst for Best-Self Planning
  • Show how he stays motivated to be his Best-Self
  • Share his template for Being his Best-Self
  • Offer an example of a Plan/initiative to make a difference:
    • Working with greater Birmingham area clergy/congregations to become Caring Houses of Worship for Veterans, especially those with invisible wounds from Vietnam and War on Terror
6:30-7: Progress and Plans (facilitated by Stretch, chair, Trustee Executive Committee)
  • Veterans Making Comebacks: Oscar Waldheim
  • New Online Services: Kyle Crider
  • Plan for School and Life + Freedom to Flourish for teachers and students: David Dyson
Save the Date/Enroll/Invite:
  • Public Seminars/Life Leaders at Lunch: David
  • Memorial Day at the Alabama National Cemetery
  • Association Membership: Melvin
  • Supper at Taziki’s follows, if you wish
Member Share Table
  • Does your library, book shelves, or desk have extras of valued books you want to swap or donate?
  • You can swap with members or donate for teachers, students, and veterans making comebacks
  • Bring: books, articles, handouts, invitations to events related to our mission.
  • Take: items you or someone you know can use.
  • Donate: for us to provide books and articles.

7:15-8: Supper & Social at Taziki’s discuss plans and progress or just enjoy good food and fellowship.

Meetings provide a good way for members, partners, spouses, and friends to know what we are doing and influence plans and actions. Prospective members and funding partners can learn more to decide how they can learn, plan, and serve. You can give feedback on the seminars, meetings and services we offer.

201 Office Park (3rd floor), First Financial Group Seminar Room, hosted by Melvin Carrington Smith, Sr.
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Life Leaders at Lunch

*New Lunch Time offering: Thursday, January 22

Goals for the 7 Areas of Life &

7 Steps to Set a Resolution

Designed and presented by Dr. David Dyson

founder of Life Leaders, co-author of Professionalism Under Stress with Col. Stretch Dunn, USA Ret; author of Presidential Priorities and Suggestions for Successful Living

More info:

Hosted by Melvin Carrington Smith, Sr.; (205)276-3333.

Melvin is a trustee of Life Leaders and retired from BellSouth and First Financial Group.

11:30-12          Registration; Networking and/or team meetings, get lunch

12-12:50          Seminar

1-1:15              Briefing on Life Leaders public seminars and programs for those interested

Professional Development Hour Document available for Members

Location: Birmingham, AL; 201 Office Park Drive; First Financial Group Training Room

(near Vulcan, Homewood, and Mountain Brook. From Highway 280, turn west between Regions and Wells Fargo; at the top of the hill, right; park near flag; stairs or external elevator to 3rd Floor; 1st left; (205)276-3333

Cost: $10 includes seminar and lunch. Reservation requested.

Reserve your lunch and space: reply with name to